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Advantages of Electric Vehicles

We know that global warming is a serious threat for mankind. Therefore UNO and other organizations have joined hands to combat it. There are many reasons for increasing global warming like deforestation. Similarly fuel burning is a potential cause of global warming. Many modern technologies like electric vehicles are helpful for competing with such issues. There are many advantages of electric vehicles. People are aware about the problems caused by global warming. Therefore they are concerned about modern technologies for reducing global issues.

Electric vehicles demand is increasing across the globe. People are seriously thinking about environment friendly technologies like electric vehicles manufacturing. In the past they were not taking such issues seriously. But now many countries have developed their environment protection policies. Because of many advantages of electric vehicles, they are in the list of technologies helpful for reducing global emissions. They are comparatively more environment friendly over conventional automobiles. There are many benefits of using these cars. Some of the major pros are listed here.

Less running cost

One of the major advantages of electric vehicles is low running cost. They have comparatively higher prices. But their running cost is low to compromise on higher initial cost. They need electricity for charging. Cost of electricity is comparatively less than petrol. Some researchers have shown that they utilize three times less cost for one kilometer distance. Similarly they have less cost than the diesel and gas operated cars.

Environment friendly

Environment friendly travelling is only possible with electric vehicles. This point is top among the advantages of electric vehicles. Therefore the demand of such modern automobiles is increasing. People prefer these cars over conventional fuel based motors. Electric cars do not produce harmful gases like fuel based engines. Therefore they help in reducing air pollution. Here one thing is important that electricity production should be environment friendly. These cars need electricity for charging. Therefore, that produced electricity should be environmentally friendly. There are many ways of such electricity production like solar energy and hydroelectric power. If you are producing an environment damaging electricity like thermal power then you are not helping the environment.  

Better for health

The fuel based vehicles not only increase global warming but also produce harmful chemicals. Those chemicals are not suitable for human health like oxides of sulfur. Similarly such chemicals also damage our environment. They cause many problems like acid rain. Therefore electric vehicles are comparatively better for human health. They do not produce such chemicals because there is no burning in their engines.

Reduction in use of non renewable resources

All the petroleum based fuels like petrol, diesel and CNG are non renewable natural resources. Automobiles are consuming these resources unchecked. Therefore it is a future threat that we may lose these resources. We have to save them for our future generations. For this purpose we have to use them wisely. One of the advantages of electric vehicles is the reduction in use of such natural resources. We can reduce their use by manufacturing electric base cars.

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