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Applications of IoT Devices

Do you know about the number of devices related to IoT? Surprisingly, the number of these devices has crossed human population number. They are more than the number of humans on earth. Therefore it is a surprising fact for many people who are not aware about them. They are continuously spreading like other modern technologies. Applications of IoT devices are found in multiple domains and fields.

Researchers are saying that the number of IoT devices deployed across the globe will cross the figure of trillion in 2025. Here is the question why they are increasing so rapidly. There were only less than half million such devices in 1990. But now they are close to a trillion. The major reasons behind this rapid increase are diverse applications of IoT devices. Some of them are discussed here briefly. But with the passage of time their diversification is increasing. Their deployment is not only increasing in multiple sectors but within already occupied domains.

Applications of IoT devices

There are many domains in which these devices are working like health, industry and environment. But here we are going to discuss some practical applications of IoT devices as well as their examples. These devices are playing their role for the help of mankind. Similarly they are increasing digitalization. Following are some real world examples of deployment of these devices.

Smart Cities and smart homes

One of the surprising applications of IoT devices is the concept of smart cities. This is an attractive idea for the human population. Smart cities operate on smart systems like transport, sewerage and security. All the necessities operate on smart systems or automatic systems. Similarly they have smart energy production and consumption. These all systems can be controlled by IoT devices. Sensors will deploy across the city to sense like pollution, temperature etc. Similarly the concept of smart homes is possible with these devices.

Precision Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the major sectors of this world. It has potential to boost any economy. Therefore many countries are developing their agricultural set up. Applications of IoT devices also fall in this sector. People are moving towards precision agriculture. They are aware about reducing water consumption as well as pollution. Similarly they know about sustainable production. All these controlling mechanisms are possible with the deployment of these devices. Sensors can detect the water requirements and schedule irrigation. Similarly nutrients management through different devices is possible. IoT devices are operating in greenhouses and hydroponics. They are sensing and controlling many factors like light, water and humidity.

Health sector

One of the major sectors is health which has improved by the applications of IoT devices. Without proper health we can’t perform our routine work. Therefore health is the first priority in human life. IoT devices have played their role in improvement and digitization of human health. Different sensors make it possible to detect temperature as well as pulse in a short time. Similarly connected devices have potential to make people healthier. There are many other applications of IoT devices like in protection of environment, farming and automobiles.

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