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Future of Electric Vehicles

World always needs revolution in different sectors. People have observed many revolutions like green and industrial revolutions. Such revolutions have global impacts. One of the coming revolutions is electric based vehicles. The future of electric vehicles is bright and shining. The automobile industry is going towards a revolution. Therefore all the manufacturers need changes in their production. Otherwise they will face problems like Nokia has faced in the mobile phone industry. If any car manufacturing company denied this revolution they may flop in the market.

Future of the automobile industry is dependent on this technology. There is a race of production of hybrid and electricity based cars. Winner of this race will lead the automobile industry. Many manufacturers have issued the year of their production. They are hopeful that they will produce such cars in 2025. The tests and research on these vehicles has been completed. Similarly trials of hybrid and pure electric cars have been proved. Now many manufacturers in the development phase.

Pros and Cons

Electric vehicles have some pros and cons like all other technologies. They have many advantages of over fuel based automobiles. Similarly they have some drawbacks as compared to conventional cars. Major advantages are environment friendly traveling, helpful for reducing pollution as well as emissions. These advantages are helpful in deciding the future of electric vehicles. People are worried about global warming and other climate change damages. Therefore they are moving towards environment friendly technologies. Electric based automobiles production is one of those technologies which are helpful for the environment. They are also better for human health because of no production of harmful chemicals from burning of fuels.

At the same time these cars have some drawbacks. They have comparatively higher prices. Therefore it is not possible to buy such cars for a mediocre family. Similarly they have the ability of limited driving distances. Some hybrid cars have limited speed. Such aspects reduce their potential. There is an issue of their charging and batteries.

But many researchers are working on these issues. Hopefully they will resolve them. Like all other technologies, electric vehicles also have some issues in the start. After resolving some issues they will emerge in the market. Therefore people are hopeful about the future of electric vehicles. Their advantages are more important than their drawbacks. Secondly gradual transfer of technology will minimize their cons. Similarly with the passage of time these issues will be resolved.

Take Home

Future of electric vehicles is bright. But researchers need to resolve some issues like development of long lasting batteries. Similarly they need to develop quick charging systems. Charging stations will replace petrol pumps in future. Lead ion based batteries have played their role in this regard. But still they need more improvement for heavy duty automobiles manufacturing. Some countries are even working on the manufacturing of public buses based on electricity. Similarly electric trains have been developed. They are not only helpful for the environment but they are more quick and efficient. This positive news needs to spread for people who care about the environment. We can save our future generations by developing such technologies.  

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