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Potential Threats for IoT Devices

Internet of Things (IoT)

The term Internet of Things (IoT) was first introduced by Kevin Ashton in 1999. Later it evolved as a complete separate science. The internet has become an important part of both professional and personal life. In the IoT technology, the internet expands through different devices and smart objects and allows more accessibility among the people. In this way information and communication technology developed. Internet of Things devices actually work in the expansion of the internet apart from the computers, laptops and other standard devices. These devices help to communicate, manage and control over the internet. Therefore they work on the basis of high definition technology without human interaction.

            There are different types of IoT devices like software, actuators, computer devices, medical devices, wireless sensors etc. They can be embedded into traditional hardware devices as well as in modern devices. IoT devices not only provide connectivity device to device but also human to device. Similarly they provide reliable communications with message delivery through connected devices. These technologies allow the devices to monitor the environment automatically to identify the problems. They also provide solutions without involvement of humans. There are many applications of IoT devices like in the fields of industry, environment and society. These are helping in these mentioned as well as many other domains at different levels. Therefore the popularity of these devices is increasing rapidly.

Attacks on IoT Devices

A huge number of physical objects are entering in the science of the internet and increasing the scope of IoT. Many examples like light bulbs, temperature sensors, thermometers and smart phones etc. are around us. These devices are communicating directly without physical involvement of the human beings. They not only communicate but also control and coordinate the things. Therefore they are facing multiple types of attacks.

Attack against IoT devices means any security vulnerability or potential damage to the devices. There are many types of attacks like physical attacks, environmental attacks, network attacks and software attacks. Cyber-attacks on IoT devices are more potentially harmful and increasing. Researchers are saying the reason for increasing these attacks is the deployment of more and more devices in the world. Recently these attacks increased and reported 760 million events attracted by Telnet protocol. The most significant attacks were from the different variants of Mirai. Mirai actually infected the IoT devices by using default credentials. China as well as Russia are the potential countries for traffic in these attacks.

Software attacks are major attacks among the above mentioned classification for security vulnerabilities. They use virus, worm, spyware, malicious script and Trojan horse programs to exploit the system. They can steal the information, change the data and harm the devices. At this time more than 50% of IoT devices are under threat of severe attacks because people are using unencrypted devices. There are thousands of types or sub categories of IoT attacks within large domains and we cannot explain all of them here. The following table is explaining some of the major and common domains of attacks along with countermeasures.

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