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Protection of IoT Devices

IoT (internet of things) is a modern domain of computer as well as software sciences. It has revolutionized the many processes. The deployment of these devices is rapidly increasing across the globe. They are helping in multiple sectors. Therefore they are getting popularity. But with increasing popularity, there is risk of some threats for IoT devices. They are facing different attacks like other technologies. Therefore protection of IoT devices is necessary to avoid data damage as well as to ensure privacy.

The devices of the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasing day by day. They have reached up to billions in number, even more than the humans on the Earth. They are facilitating the people for communication, business and other aspects of daily life. They made it easy to exchange the information and reduce the distances through the digital environment. With increasing trends of IoT there is risk of security issues to protect the precious personal information. Similarly the important data of the business community needs proper protection from the hackers. The security issues should be addressed to avoid irritations and damages. There are three categories of counter measures used for IoT devices as Symmetric Crypto based, asymmetric crypto based and hybrid techniques.

Protection of IoT Devices

                        The protection of IoT devices is a great challenge for the researchers and stakeholders. To tackle with the different types of attacks at same time is a great effort and needs employees. There are many issues and challenges in the security of IoT devices. It can be resources consuming and very expensive especially when you are using low power devices. Similarly less space for embedding security features in the devices. Complex security protocols need more size and increase cost for protection of devices. There are many protocols and countermeasures to handle the issues like verify software integrity and security updates to protect from viruses and worms. Some countermeasures are mentioned above in the table to protect devices from different types of attacks. Some countermeasures and security protections to avoid all types of attacks are described here briefly.

Sr. No.Attack TypeCompromised SecurityCountermeasure
1Virus and WormsALLVerify software integrity and security updates
2Malicious scriptsALLFirewalls
3MalwareALLVerify software integrity and security updates and IoT scanners.
4Data leakageC, IEncryption, digital signature and FRS techniques

First of all user identification is necessary for allowing them to use the system. Validate the user and then allow it to use the system. Secure execution environment through secure managed codes also help from deviant applications. Content security is one of the major countermeasures for security which protects the rights of digital content used in the system. Secure data and secured communication system is also necessary. Most importantly there should be a data recovery system or second place for storage of confidential data and information. It protects you from being black mailed by someone if any hacker steals your data or damages it. By adopting these protective measures the chances of attacks can be reduced.

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