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Working of an electric car

Electric cars are occupying space in the automobile market. They are spreading because of many benefits. The major cause of their increasing demand is environment friendly traveling. People are conscious about natural resources. They are worried about petroleum products because they are non renewable. Therefore they are moving towards modern technologies like electric cars. They help in reducing the use of natural resources. Similarly they help in reducing air pollution. But the interesting question is “how electric cars work”. Conventional fuel based automobiles run on the combustion engines. The burning fuel provides energy for the movement of cars. But in case of an electric vehicle there is no combustion.

How does an electric car work?

For getting the answer of how electric cars work we need to know about its components. The outer body of an electric vehicle is almost the same ad fuel based cars. But the difference is in internal components. Here is the detail of components of electric vehicles.


First essential component of any electric based motor car is battery. Without a battery electric car is just like a conventional car without an engine. It not only stores energy but also provides power for operation. Single or combination of batteries provides required energy for running a car.

Charging port

Electric based automobiles need charging instead of fuel. Therefore they always have a charging port. Through this port you can connect your car with an external electricity source. The external source may be a charging station like petrol pumps or your home based switch.


There are two types of electric current. One is direct current which is commonly called DC. Similarly the other one is alternating current or AC. Most of the electricity is supplied as AC in the homes. Therefore most of the home appliances work on AC voltage. AC is comparatively harmful for human health. But it has less transport losses. On the other hand, all the batteries store energy in the form of DC. Similarly they provide DC voltage after charging.

To convert both types of currents electric cars have installed a converter. Converters have the ability to transform AC into DC and vice versa. Because power supply of electricity is coming in AC so that it needs to convert into DC for battery charging. DC power is necessary for charging the battery and running the car. All these conversions are handled by an efficient converter.

Power controller

There is a need for a power controller like pressure relief valve in water supplies. It manages flow of electric current between different parts. Therefore it is helpful in controlling speed and other functions.

Other parts

There are some minor parts which are also necessary for an electric based automobile. Some of the other parts are on board charger, traction battery pack and traction motor. Some vehicles may have special additional parts.

Other body parts are almost the same in electric cars like fuel based cars. Hope so you have got an answer of how electric cars work.

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