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How Technology Changes Our Life

The word technology is very broad in meaning. Different people take it for different meanings. It is actually the use of scientific knowledge. Technology has helped mankind for great revolutions. It has both positive and negative aspects. Modern technologies are playing a significant role in changing human behavior. But an interesting question is how technology changes our life. As technologies have both positive and negative aspects. Similarly it has both positive and negative impacts on human life. It has the potential to change the life of any person. In a broad sense it not only changes a single life like a lesson. But it changes the behavior of a mass number of people.

Technologies have potential to change among all people of an area. Modern technologies even have global influences. They can cause global issues and problems. Similarly they can resolve global problems. For example global warming and climate change problems are caused by modern development of new technologies in the industrial sector. Similarly some technologies like quick establishment of forests and use of genetically modified microbes can resolve these problems. Energy efficient technologies can reduce the utilization of natural resources. Ultimately the global issues will reduce. Humans need to develop sustainable technologies instead of short term benefits providing inventions.    

How technology changes our life

Technology is affecting human life from years and years ago. Modern technologies have invented many tools for helping human beings. Researchers are not only developing new technologies but also upgrading the previous ones. For example, a few years ago people were familiar with simple phones but now everyone has an android phone. Similarly computers are upgrading rapidly for more and more easing human beings. Fifth generation technology has been launched in many parts of the world. These examples will answer how technology changes our life.

Once people were free and used to sit under trees to talk. But now everyone is busy using the android phones. It is a revolution in human behavior. Technologies have reduced the thinking power of humans. Similarly people were used to writing and reading books. But now the book reading is becoming extinct. Libraries are changing into digital libraries. No one is ready to read physical books. Most of the students read notes in portable document format. Hence technology has changed the behavior of students.

Modern technologies have both negative as well as positive impacts on human life. They are increasing depression especially among the youth. Technology is spreading negative news within minutes and hence increasing depression. Similarly it reduces mental abilities and produces irritation in physical activities. People love to play football on their laptops instead of physically.

At the same time technologies have changed many positive aspects of human life. The knowledge of mankind is increasing because of technology. They are becoming comparatively healthier. Similarly the aging factors are becoming manageable because of technologies. People have increased connectivity with their loved ones. Social circle of all the people has increased because of social sites. Hence technology influenced human life in all the aspects.

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