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Humanoid Robots and Their Applications

A humanoid robot is a process and outcome of artificial intelligence. The design of the robot is so, for the ease and functionality purposes. Similarly it works for interacting with the environment and to fulfill the functions surrounding it. An example could be locomotion bipedal. Some humanoid robots are specifically designed for leisure purposes. They have given the exact human facial qualities, to aesthetically resemble human features. People were hesitant about the use of humanoid robots in past. But now applications of humanoid robots are increasing day by day in multiple fields. They are being used in multiple fields like in the automotive industry, healthcare and education sector. They have vast future potential in these fields because they facilitate and ease the human beings. Therefore their demand is increasing very rapidly.

The idea and concept of evolution and the human mind is subject learning all the time so there can never be attained perfection. Cognition of humans is a field of research and studying from many years. It deals with using sensory information to get and acquire perception and skills based on the motor. The information acquired is used for correcting the human model and improving it. They are working in the research to develop modern designs for performing as the human assistants. Humanoid robots can also operate to aid and help the weak and sickly or sometimes if used for dirty jobs to do dangerous work. Similarly the procedural work sometimes is also made helpful and easy with their aid. Factories too use these smart humanoids in their factory production lines to help raise efficiency and productivity.

Applications of Humanoid Robots

Applications of humanoid robots are diverse in different fields. These are not only helping presently but their applications are increasing day by day. This technology has vast future potential in different fields of science and industries. Some of the major fields are health, industry and environment sectors. Humanoid robots are actually a special form from other robotics machines. They have bright future potential along with present applications. They are being used in disaster management and space exploration. Similarly they are successfully working in the manufacturing industry and playing their role in the help of human beings very effectively.

They can perform such tasks which are difficult for man. For example they can work in comparatively higher temperatures. They can maintain the quality of products with more efficiency. Humanoid robots can transfer products from one place to another. For example they can do loading and unloading very effectively. In this way an industry not only increases speed of work but also reduces cost of such tasks. They have vast applications in the healthcare and education sectors. They are being used at large scale in both sectors and have potential of more and more applications. One of the interesting applications of humanoid robotics is human assistance. They can perform trained tasks for practical assistance.  Therefore they have a bright future in this field.  At the same time they have some negative uses like military purpose use.

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