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Pros and Cons of Modern Technologies

The development of modern technologies is very important. Modern technologies are very important for human beings. People can’t think about life without technologies like android phones, internet and computers. These technologies are not only providing entertainment but also easing human life. Similarly they are increasing the knowledge of a man. Some modern technologies like 5G technology, robotics and artificial intelligence are even more helpful than previous technologies. Therefore now life seems to be impossible without modern technologies.

Just think you are in a forest and you do not have access to phone and internet. In this article we are going to discuss general pros and cons of modern technologies. Everything has both positive and negative aspects. Similarly modern technologies have some positive aspects and some negative aspects. But we should focus on positive aspects and ignore or replace negative aspects.

Advantages of modern technologies

Among the pros and cons of modern technologies, firstly we shall discuss advantages. It is a topic on which we can write hundreds of pages. But here we shall only mention general benefits instead of specific. Modern technologies are helping humans in all fields of life. They have practical applications in different sectors like health, communication and industries. Technologies have made it easy to treat sick people. Many diseases were untreatable in the past. But now they are easy to treat with the help of modern technologies. Similarly technology has made easy diagnosis.

One of the important improvements is in the communication sector among the pros and cons of modern technologies. The distances of months are reduced into distances of hours. Similarly travelling from one city to another is now possible in minutes. There is an unforgettable revolution in the communication sector. Now people are able to talk with their relatives within seconds from one corner of earth to another. Video calling and chatting is possible with high speed internet connections. Similarly modern technologies have increased the production of industries. With the green revolution, agricultural productions received major boosts. Now we are producing enough food for an increasing population.

Disadvantages of modern technologies

There are some negative aspects of developed technologies. Humans are becoming dependent on technology. They are always in search of ease and not happy with physical working. This is one of the major negative aspects of modernization. Similarly the thinking ability of humans is reducing because of the development of technology. Many inventions have improved working of machines but at the same time they caused problems of unemployment. Some processes are not comparatively efficient with machines as performed by human beings. Similarly modern technologies have snatched personal privacy. It is very difficult to reduce the access of other people from your data.

Some modern technologies created threats to human populations. Similarly the development of technologies are increasing pollution and damaging our environment. Many global issues like global warming and climate change are increasing rapidly. Modernization has imposed negative aspects on other living organisms. Emerging technologies have threats for not only human health but also to other living things. We should make a balance between pros and cons of modern technologies. There should be rules and regulations for modern inventions and their uses.

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