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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Social media is playing a major role in our lives. Our youth is especially facing a significant role in social media in their daily life. The use of these platforms has both negative as well as positive impacts on human life.

Benefits of social media

Social media provides user friendly platforms and is very easy to use for personal communication of individuals. People can talk with multiple people across the globe within no time to avoid loneliness. It is helping business communities. New brands can enforce their popularity through social media within a very short period of time more effectively and by spending less cost. It gives a sense of brand to the consumers when they deal with the producers.

Social media communication provides a facility of sharing ideas with other people from the same domain and provides easy talks for critical analysis. Social media platforms are providing jobs and opportunities to the public and thus helping them. Facebook and LinkedIn are good platforms in this regard. Similarly some platforms like Google, YouTube and now even Facebook are providing direct earning for the content creators. People are earning handsome amounts from these platforms by creating video content.

Social media has developed confidence in our youth and provided more opportunities to talk. It gives freedom of speech and improves communication skills. There are thousands of other advantages of social sites in our life.

Disadvantages of using social media platforms

Our young generation is especially going to the worse side of social media. Students use these sites in their classes and waste their time. Even some people do not sleep properly while communicating through these sites and results in health issues. There are privacy and security issues at social sites. People are facing harassment and blackmailing issues on social media. Social media is becoming a major platform for the spreading of fake news without any authentication. Similarly some people cheat at the business side through social media marketing. Online shopping trend is increasing and it is an advantage of social media. But some people are using it negatively and providing poor quality stuff to the people. So these are some issues that need solutions.


            This is the age of social media which has great influence on real life of the people and more specifically on the young generation. The platform of social media is providing better ways of communication and improving the skills of students. Learners can easily access the advanced knowledge and tools in no time. Technology reduced the issues of shortage of time and connected the people around the globe. But at the same time social media has some negative aspects including the issues of privacy and wastage of time. There is no control or check and balance on the spread of information. Students waste more and more time on these sites and suffer with health issues. So we can say that social media is playing a role in changing behavior and communication patterns in both positive and negative ways. But we should choose positive aspects of any platform and avoid negative sides.

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