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History of Social Media

Social media is providing a quick and effective way of communication. Social media communication is defined as an electronic way of communication through different sites. The communication involves personal talks, sharing of contents like images, videos and audio texts. It is actually a platform where people connect. It is progressing very rapidly. Social sites are increasing in number along with the number of users. Social media is actually a place or platform which allows people to interact, communicate and discuss the issues along with their opinions. It is playing a role in better communication of people across the globe for personal and business uses. As with all other technologies and platforms, social media also have pros and cons.

Our youth is totally in the hands of social media and it plays a role in their real life. The positive aspects of social media are the different opportunities like marketing. It helps to develop a strong network effectively. It changed the mindset of businessmen and explored marketing. It helped the professional to connect with people more precisely. Many health forums and guidelines are available on social media.  At the same time some negative aspects of social media are harassment, cyber security issues and spasms in the market. There is more risk of up and downs in the marketing. It is extremely time consuming especially for the students and also reduces their learning behavior. People should focus on the positive aspects and must avoid the negative sides of social media to improve real life issues.


There are different ideas about the origin of social media communication. Human beings have developed many platforms for making easy communications with the passage of time. The conventional methods of indirect communications were letters and some people were also using birds to deliver their messages. The earliest known information about digital communication by telegraph is of 1792. In the late 1800s radio and telephone originated for social communication. After that the development in telephones started and new applications were being developed.

The first time social communication through email started in 1960 which was a revolution in quick communication. In the 1990s many applications were developed for social communications like BlackPlanet, MoveOn etc. After that with the manufacturing of android phones, thousands of applications developed and launched in the market. The major boost was after the year of 2000 when popular sites of social media arrived. Some of the major sites at this time are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. There are many local social sites in different countries and others are helping in global communication. Social media not only helped in personal communication but also revolutionized the business communication.

Finally we can say that the communications ways are improving from hundreds of years. But in recent decades this progress was very quick. Social media also developed quickly in recent years like other technologies. One of the main reasons behind this is the provision of the internet. Now people have easy internet access compared to the past. Therefore the users of social media are increasing continuously.

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