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Impacts of Social Media on Lives of People

Social media is actually a place or platform which allows people to interact. Similarly it helps to communicate and discuss the issues along with their opinions. There are many impacts of social media on the lives of people. Our youth is totally in the hands of social media. It plays a role in their real life. The positive aspects of social media are the different opportunities like marketing. It helps to develop a strong network effectively. Similarly it changed the mindset of businessmen and explored marketing. It helped the professional to connect with people more precisely. Many health forums and guidelines are available on social media. 

At the same time some negative aspects of social media are harassment, cyber security issues and spasms in the market. There is more risk of up and downs in the marketing. It is extremely time consuming especially for the students and also reduces their learning behavior. People should focus on the positive aspects and must avoid the negative sides of social media to improve real life issues.

Impacts of social media on communication skills

Communication skills are also influenced by social media. It is one of the major impacts of social media on the lives of people. Social media affects the various aspects of real life. It also has great influence on interpersonal communication. Every person is busy in his/her life routines and has no time. Time has become one of the precious things in life due to the hectic and busy routine of daily life. Technology is developing day by day and playing a role in the interaction of people. In real life they lack time to talk with others. But mobile phones and social sites are helping them to communicate with others. Digitalization and advancement in the technologies have reduced the face to face contacts and communication of people.

People use mobile phones and social sites for communication in real life. These technologies are playing vital a role in the communication and increasing their demand as well as importance by providing quick and efficient tools for interaction. Businessmen, marketing agents use these tools for their work even people use social media to communicate personal talks. Social media has shown significant growth medium for communication and attracted the young generation through different platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. Politicians are using social sites for campaigns as mass communication sources. At the same time there are privacy issues on social media and there is no control of flow of information. Social sites are providing best platforms for communication. But there is no alternative for face to face communication.  


There are many impacts of social media on the lives of people. But the young generation has great influence of social sites in their life. There communications skills are improving through these sites. Similarly their confidence level to talk with others is also increasing. But at the same time our young generation is becoming addicted to these sites. These sites have many negative impacts on their life. We should think about the impacts of social media the lives of youngsters. Therefore we have to make balance as well as rules for social sites.

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