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Privacy Issues of Modern Technologies

Privacy is an important factor in using modern technologies. There are many cases in which different apps snatched personal data from mobile or computers. Similarly hackers attack and change or steal important data. There are many privacy issues related to modern technologies. For example social media is one of the top privacy issues. People upload their information at social sites. But many people access them and then blackmail them through their personal information. Similarly the data of business communities is at risk. Researchers have developed many solutions to resolve the issues of privacy. But still there is a need for new tools for protecting precious data from hackers. In this regard blockchain technology is comparatively better. It protects data through the technique of decentralization. 

How does it work?

This technology works through multiple controlling units. The conventional centralized systems are poor in privacy maintenance as they are controlled through a main body. Any stealing or other problem in the central body can affect the privacy of the users. Most of the social sites are not able to protect the privacy of their users due to the main centralized controlling system. Blockchain provides more privacy to the users by a decentralized system of data handling and management. The inspection, alteration or data stealing is very difficult in decentralized blockchain technology as that is controlled by different nodes in the network. At the same time the users need to secure their data at their end, when they are storing information at their own devices.

The personal information, business information, supply chain data or data from other domains is needed to protect. All these types of data are more protective in the blockchain system as compared to the other traditional single controlled systems. The modern social sites including Facebook and Twitter are not protecting the personal data of people and users have privacy issues. Blockchain technology provides the solution of this situation. It did not make information available to the companies as provided by the social sites. It provides a complete solution of privacy of the information. Similarly the user can control what he/she has to show and for how much time. In addition, it also controls to whom that information will be available. Another example of IoT devices, due to the extensive network of these devices it is very difficult to protect their privacy issues and the only solution is decentralized blockchain technology for protection and privacy of IoT devices to control and manage them.


With advancement of technologies, the related issues are also increasing. Many problems like hacking and other cyber crimes are increasing. The most important issue related to technologies is the protection or privacy of data.  Blockchain technology is one of the best solutions in this regard. But there is a need for research and studies to deploy this technology. It is currently working in limited domains. But it needs more research and development for working in other sectors. Similarly there is a need for developing other technologies for protection of privacy.

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