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Recent Advancement in Mobile Phones

Companies are designing new models of mobile phones very rapidly. There is great competition in mobile phone production. One of the attractive features for people is photography. The manufacturers are increasing cameras for attracting consumers. People buy phones with high quality camera features. Similarly they prefer new models with advanced features for photography. Front as well as back both cameras influence the sale of mobile phone models. One of the best examples is Oppo phones. They compete in an already developed market because of their camera quality. Now they are a major player in the mobile phone industry. Similarly other companies are continuously improving photography features in new models.

Multiple Cameras

Recently there is a new trend introduced by Apple phones. They started to install more than one camera at the back. This was a revolution in the mobile phone industry. But after that many other companies follow this. A new model of Nokia 9’s released with 5 back cameras. The company behind this was Light along with Nokia. But there is an issue of data gathering. Five cameras of twelve megapixels take time for processing. Therefore there is a chance of missing any shot. But other companies like Apple, Huawei and Google launched their phones with smart technologies.

The camera phones were started in the late 2000’s. But they developed very rapidly. In just two decades this technology has improved surprisingly. Now people have camera phones with many surprising features for photography. In the coming years companies are installing many other advanced features. The coming features are 3D photography and virtual reality.

GPS System

The tracking technology was also installed in phones more or less in the same year as cameras. But it also developed very rapidly. After a few years the GPS system was much efficient. Now you can track mobile phones through signals. It provides an exact location with negligible error of a few feet. It is very helpful for people during travelling. Similarly it is helpful while using different mobile phone apps like Uber.

Fingerprint Technology

Privacy protection is a major issue of mobile phones from the first day. People always want to save their information from others. Once there were the pin codes in simple phones. There were many issues with pin codes. In a few years they were replaced by strong passwords. With the launch of android phones, the pattern lock was introduced. Pattern lock protects many phones more efficiently. But someone can observe you while drawing your pattern. Now the most advanced technology for protection of your phone is finger print. All the advanced models of multinational mobile phone manufacturers are using this technology. It not only protects your phone but also has some other advantages. You can use your fingerprint for different apps and verify your data.


Technologies are developing very rapidly in recent years. Mobile phones developed many features very quickly. They are one of the technologies which received a boost in a very short time. There are a number of recent advancements in mobile phones. These improvements are increasing and people are observing new features in every new model of mobile phone.

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