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Anime, Incredible Japanese Animation.

Anime is a word that is pronounced like “ah knee may”, The word anime is abbreviated from the word Animation. Japanese use this anime word for all kinds of Animations but for all over the world anime words are only used to symbolize the cartoons or comics with Japanese traditional style like colors use, Moves, food wars, and their facial expressions.

The very first Anime commercial was all started in 1917 a century ago, whooping 100 years of Anime. The First anime was made with chalk and it wasn’t too long, it was less than five minutes. Anime gained success and may become the most popular in animated movies after the 1960s. Over the past fifty years, it has become a phenomenon in the international market and anime attracting millions of people, getting great appreciable fans, and giving a lot of money to their makers.

There are plenty of prominent things that make anime attractive to their fans but the most pleasing and a different thing from other Animation movies is their “Eyes”. Large eyes of anime give a different and marvelous look. For the large eyes of anime characters can be credited to one man his name is “Osamu Tezuka”, he is also called as Anime Godfather. The Japanese remember these anime as Walt Disney and that is what inspired Tezuka, he was inspired by these Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Some facts and fascinating stuff about Anime

There is a bundle of facts that makes anime so fascinating and always thrilling to watch. We will discuss some of them.


 Anime characters are so different from all other Animation movies like Goku, Light Yagami, and Kakashi Hatake. Characters of Anime are so complex because of their character design and frequent layers. Facial expressions of Characters are so exaggerated whenever you see it gives you a different shade and looks.

Hair Colors

   The iconic change in the character is their hair color. However, colors are selected randomly and in many cases, it expresses significant elements that character personality as we know the Japanese believe in superstitious things. So, for them every color has a different meaning like black means mystery or evil, Orange means loyal and Green means easy going.

Not only for kids

                     If you think that Animes are only for kids then you are wrong because it has a quite popular fan following in adults too after all they do not hesitate to show death, sex, and other commercial scenes. If you are not still interested to watch then go and watch animation movies like Phantom, and Elfen Lied. The creators also target specific audiences.

Manga and Anime

                             Some people are confused about what the main difference between manga and anime is, if you are too then we will not blame you because in Japan Manga can refer to both Animation and Comics and Anime only Animation. However, all over the world Manga means Japanese Comics and Anime means Japanese Animation.


Anime is highly popular all over the world and we still widely follow it. There are a lot of genres in Anime like Shounen, Seinen, and josei. I wrote plenty about Anime but it is impossible for me to finish this emotional and long topic in two to three paragraphs but do watch the whole series because it has saddest moments as well as funnier too. Anime themes, design, and food wars still give us goose bumps.

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