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Tempting Food in Anime

If you know anime only for character significance or plot building then take a look at their food, it doesn’t matter what type of anime lover you are it’s all about food. May you have seen your favorite character eating or chewing down their selected and favorite food.

Most of the food in Anime is part of Japanese culture, and as we all know that Japanese are famous for making delicious foods. The Japanese food tempts us so much that they are inviting us to eat with us.

Most people like the food of Anime according to their favorite character, like Naruto’s favorite food is “Remen”, C.C favorite food is Pizza, and Ryuk’s favorite food is Apple.

Tempting Foods

There are plenty of Japanese foods that provide appealing looks and these foods represent the Japanese culture and cuisine. When we think that there is any anime food here in real life then Yes almost every food we can try in our real life but we can warn you that many real foods are not so tempting like anime when you try at home.

So, these are some examples of the delicious anime food.

  1. Rice Ball (Onigiri)

If you are a food lover and anime lover too then Onigiri is the most appealing food ever in anime. As we can assume from the name of a food that it is basically made from rice filled with salmons or pickles. If you want to see the making of rice balls then watch the hilarious episode three of S.A.

  • Japanese Ramen

If you have watched even two to three episodes of anime then you will probably be familiar with this Japanese ramen. Japanese ramen is a kind of noodle. There are enough shops in Japan that serve these noodles and soup.

  • Baked Sea Bream (Taiyaki)

Taiyaki is a famous Japanese dish and it looks like a fish_shaped cake. The fish_shaped cake filled with a sweet adzuki mixture. Moreover, Taiyaki is growing rapidly in terms of popularity in japan so now Taiyaki is available in many types of fillings.

Studio of Food in Ghibli Movies

There are plenty of mouth-watering foods in Ghibli movies like spaghetti, tempura, buffet, and bento.


Breakfast is one of their most special things in food cuisine. As breakfast doesn’t have special food but still ghibli makes Eggs and Bacon even better. Their breakfast is all about technique, the way he breaks the egg using one hand, and how he slices the bread. These things are incredible.


Spaghetti is the most pleasing and easy to make food among these foods. We all are familiar with this yummy food.Every food of Anime is the must-try food we can’t discuss every single from the series like we have to skip dinner, lunch, and the tastier bento.


Anime food is all about looks and taste, if you are Japanese then you are the luckiest person ever in terms of food eating.Go and must try these all foods to know how awesome they make these kinds of foods.

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