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Manga, the Animation Comic

Most people when they start talking about Japanese animation, they forget to add Japanese Comics in it. Manga and anime are highly popular in the English world but now translations of manga and anime are available in many other languages. So, here we will discuss comics in Japan.


There is not much difference between manga and anime. Manga is like Japanese comics in whom the author tells gripping stories using dialogues and artwork like drawings. Usually, the manga is printed in two colors white and black. So, the question is where the manga word derived from? The answer is here; The word Manga is derived from the Japanese Kanji sign 漫(man)画 (ga).

Manga history is even older than the history of anime. Generally, manga first came to use in the area of Japan in 1798, and at that time it was only used to describe “cartoons” or “comics”. As through comics or cartoons, the writer tells the story, and from that time to this time people read it with the same interest and curiosity. If you want to read the manga then we can guide you, how to read the manga? Manga reading is a bit different from the English novels, in manga comics read from right to left and top to bottom in reverse order from English comics.

How is Manga more Appealing than other English Comics?

There is no muddle about which type of person you are because in manga there are so many topics and genres. In the manga, Not only action, fantasy, or sci-fi, you can find mountain climbing, sports, classical music, cooking, wine, and even topics from daily life. The manga can build your interest level in stories too much that like drama serials they print one episode to be continued with the next one as they left the curiosity level at the end of the first episode.

Manga became highly popular in Japan and all over the world after the 1950s, and then manga became one of the main reasons for the increasing Japanese publishing industry. In 1995, the market of manga in Japan was worth more than $6 to 7 billion with the yearly sales of roughly 2 billion books and manga comics. In the year of 2008, in the market of Canada and America, the value of the manga market was $175 billion. After these facts and figures, you can assume the interest, appeal, and popularity level of Manga among people. There is another interesting thing that manga publishers will give you awards if you write gripping and interesting stories for them, as there are numerous awards there to be awarded.

Manga series

                     There are many famous and fascinating manga series but we try to name one of the best from all series of manga.

1.      Dragon Ball super (2015-18)  

2.      Cowboy Bebop (1998)

3.      FLCL (2000-2018)

4.      Chobits (2002)

5.      Dragon Ball Z (1989-96)

6.      Code Geass (2006-08)

7.      Kill La Kill (2013-14)


                     There are so many animated comics but since 1990 there is nothing more popular than manga because of a story line, interesting lines, pick up lines, male characters, female characters, and food of Japan. Do read these comics if you have not because you are missing a gem of comics.

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Manga, the Animation Comic

Most people when they start talking about Japanese animation, they forget to add Japanese Comics in it. Manga and anime are highly...

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